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Weekend special to support our Veterans


Help our local Veterans 

As many of you, know I am a member of DAR and volunteer to help local veterans

We received a request for immediate help with food items for our local veterans food pantry. 

Celtic Quilter is offering a 20% discount off regular priced in stock items, Friday February 23rd and Saturday February 24th for anyone that brings in 4

non-pershiable items

(excludes sewing/embroidery machines, services or special orders)

Help out our Veterans and get a discount at the same time. 

Below is a list of items needed. 

Tuna in can or Tuna pouches: easy to open cans if possible

Chicken in can: pop top if possible

Can meats of any kind: pop top if possible

Lunch chicken/tuna salad quick meals

Small Crackers

Small cookies packs

Snack crackers ( ex. orange peanut butter crackers or orange cheese crackers)

Granola bars

Pudding cups

Fruit snacks

Small and large bottles of water


Meals ready to eat: ravioli, spaghetti-o’s and Mac-n cheese. Etc.

Hormel microwave meals

Ensure or meal replacement type items

Crystal light or other Kool-Aid  or Gatorade type packets

Other can meats  like beef or pork if possible


Fruit cups

Peanut butter & jelly

Can soups variety



Spaghetti noodles

Spaghetti sauce.


Gatorade/ propel bottles and packets



Canned chili

Variety of snacks and chips

Ramen noodles cups, bowls and packets

Vienna sausages  Beef jerky

Chef Boyardee Shelf stable milk

Thank you for your help


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